Philip Stade

Hi! I’m Philip Stade, a music and geography teacher from Germany. Besides, I am a researcher in musicology in Cologne, Germany. My main interests are the relations between copyright and music in the digital age. At the moment I am writing on my dissertation which is called „Debates on Copyright and Music in the Digital Age“. Therefore I am planing to do an online-discourse-analysis on the conflicts that arise in the discussions and qualitative interviews with several stakeholders. My aim is first to detect the main conflicts. Building upon that I will identify the interest, arguments and strategies in the discourses and to which power relations they lead.

You can find my current dates for conferences and talks here. I have a blog, but not all of my articles are in english. You can find the ones that are in english in the category „english“. Furthermore I have a blogroll and a page where you can find literature and links.

If you have any quesions please contact me by using the contact form. I also use twitter: @FreieKultur .


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